Car Rental in Crete Chania Airport

Rent Car Airport Chania

Rent Car Airport Chania

Travel to Crete Chania you need to rent a car Airport Chania In Chania the International Airport “Daskalogiannis”, is an international airport located top of Souda Bay on the Akrotiri peninsula of the Greek island of Crete.

Rent Car Airport Chania.

The airport serving the city of Chania, and is 14 kilometres away. To be in the Chania city you need to rent a car. Car Rental in Crete Chania Airport
Rent a car from airport in Chania


  Rent a car from the city center and visit all the interesting destinations in the heart of the prefecture   The convenience of a rented car from the city of Chania gives you the opportunity to visit many unique places inside and outside the center of Chania!   Chania Crete Greece rent a car   The old town is a unique place to walk to enjoy its beauty! Visit the city of Chania with a rental car from Chania Rent a Car Eagle



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